Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Masters of the Universe: The Movie (1988) - for Atari ST

This is a rough, incomplete guide for playing Masters of the Universe: The Movie (1988) - for Atari ST

There's a rom dump floating around that has a bug where the graphics are broken during the first fight.  The rom from the SuperGAU Compilation is good.   Both roms were cracked by replicants.  Here's a link to the rom.  I don't know how long this link will be active.

You will need to use TOS 1.00 either US or UK version.  I also used STF with 1mb or memory, though that may not be absolutely necessary.  The game should run in both 50hz or 60hz, but I believe the game was designed for 50hz and will run too fast at 60hz.  Both Steem 4 and Hatari should using the settings I mentioned.  To run the game double click "master.tos"

I couldn't find a manual, but you can control the character using a joystick.  In the overworld, direction moves and button fires.  The map is confusing, because it frequently, rotates when  you go to a new screen the indicator below the sword will tell you the current cardinal directions of your overworld.  Sometimes North is up or some times North is left, for example.  You can open a map by pressing space, which will show you your location.

In combat, left and right allow you to walk, and if held long enough you will run.  Additionally, if you run into your enemy, you will push them.  Up and down are upper block or lower block.   In order to punch, you hold down the button, and then press the direction.  Button+up is upper punch, button+down is lower punch, and button+right is kick.  If you want to do the shuffle I was doing in the video, hold left and rapidly tap the button.  There is no tactical advantage to this shuffle, it's just fun.

You can see a full playthrough of the game here

If you want to see me goofing around, There's a video here:

Edit 04-23-2021: Fixed the full playthrough video link.

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