Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Logitech Gaming Software "Sorry, this software is not compatible with your operating system."

I decided to install the Logitech Gaming Software for my Logitech g203.  I went to the support page for the mouse, and downloaded the software it suggested.  When I tried to install the software it had the error "Sorry,  this software is not compatible with your operating system.  Please visit http://www.logitech.com/support to download a compatible version."

I'm using Windows 10 64-bit, and for some unknown reason the logitech website was automatically detecting that my operating system is 32-bit (x86) and giving me the 32-bit version of the software.  By clicking the "Show All Downloads" button I was able to quickly find the 64-bit version, which does work.  The download listed under "Show All Downloads" was also a newer version of the software.  Why the Logitech website is suggesting that users download an older version that's not compatible with their operating system, I cannot guess.